Apartments Casa Alpina - Story

We are travelling souls and also soul-mates. We have joined our experiences in one project − Casa Alpina apartments Bovec. Casa − a colorful world where family and home mean a lot. Casa − a warm place where you meet with loved ones. Casa − where you feel at home. Alpina − alpine stillness. Alpina − alpine nature where mountain peaks and emerald rivers dominate. Alpina − a place of peace and tranquility.

Together and separately we have travelled a great deal. We know what a comfortable room means, what peace and coziness mean, what little things like kindness and a good impression mean. From the mosaic of our experiences we have created an alpine home called Casa Alpina. We hope you feel comfortable and enjoy your stay with us.

Welcome to our home !

María Laura Jáuregui V. and Simon Černuta